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New TBLI model

You’ll discover the new TBLI enriched model with 5 revenue sources for the TBLI: As an instructor, as a Buzan tutor, as a coach, as an author, and as a partner.

Exclusive preview of the new Tony Buzan website

You’ll get a sneak preview of the totally revamped Tony Buzan website, including the redesigned TBLI section whereby Tony Buzan Licensed Instructors will have their own pages for displaying their curriculum as well as their courses schedule and contact information.

Innovative Mind Mapping applications

You’ll learn cutting-edge Mind Mapping applications that you could deploy as a Buzan coach or advisor, including the award-winning Personal Strategic Alignment Process for discovering life’s purpose and the highly successful Digital Transformation process.

Genius quotient assessment

As a person who enrolled in the Buzan live event, you have exclusive access for learning the core competencies of a genius and assessing your GQ (genius quotient) through the following link: GQ ASSESSMENT

Provide your valuable feedback and get the Buzan book

After watching the replay, please provide your valuable feedback through the following link: YOUR FEEDBACK to better understand your needs, In appreciation of your valuable input, we’ll send you an exclusive link for downloading the 2020 Vision book (PDF) written by Tony Buzan and Raymond Keene.

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