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Accelerate your digital transformation through Mind Mapping

Key contents

  • You’ll learn the fundamentals of Mind Mapping by formulating, on the fly, your 2021 goals through your own Mind Map, guided by our Grandmaster presenter.
  • You’ll discover how to use Mind Maps for implementing the entire digital transformation process, in record time, through a success case.
  • You’ll learn how to become a World-classs Mind Mapper through our premier certification in Mind Mapping.

Digital Transformation

Recommended bibliography

The four levels of a systemic digital transformation

In this article we explain what the four levels of true digital transformation are and suggest the sequence in which each level could be implemented. You could access this PDF document by clicking the following link: THE FOUR DTx LEVELS

Digital transformation: Survive and thrive in an era of mass extinction

ISBN-13 – 978-1948122481. In this book you’ll learn about the new technologies that companies and governments are using to transform into true digital organizations. The confluence of four technologies—cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things—is changing the way organizations will operate in the rest of this century.

The future is faster than you think

ISBN-13 – 978-1982109660. This book provides insight into how our world will change in response to the next ten years of rapid technological disruption. The authors suggest that technology is accelerating much faster than anyone could have imagined and that, over the next decade, we will experience more change and create more wealth than in the last 100 years.

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