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Our vision

Mental Literacy

Create a mentally literate world where people use their brains at their maximum potential; in the way they were designed to be used.

Infinite Creativity

Unleash creativity in people and organization though Mind Mapping, which enables cognitive flexibility by balancing convergent and divergent thinking.


Help people become thought leaders by applying Mind Mapping and other meta tools for “thinking about thinking”, problem solving and critical thinking.

Our management team

Buzan US is the regional center for United States and Canada. Our headquarters are located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. More than 90% of Fortune 500 companies, in the US and Canada, already use Mind Mapping in applications ranging from creativity and innovation to project management and strategic planning. Our mission is to teach people and organizations alike, through our select group of Buzan Licensed Instructors, how to use their brains in the way there were supposed to be used and how to improve their key thinking skills such as problem solving, critical thinking and creativity. 

Jorge Castañeda

Jorge Castañeda

Chief executive officer

Raymond Keene (OBE)

Raymond Keene (OBE)

Executive President

Our key customers and strategic alliances

Years of research in Mind Mapping and the brain

Million people use Mind Maps around the world

Million books sold in more than 130 languages

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