Become a world-class Buzan trainer

The licensed trainer journey

A fertile market for the instructor / consultant

Cognitive skills

Sixty percent of HR managers claim that recent graduates do not possess critical thinking and problem solving skills at the level needed by organizations, according to the PayScale study.

Creative fluency

Only 2% of adults generate original ideas based on the study formerly conducted by NASA with kids and now extended to more than 200,000 participants around the world.

Project efficiency

Less than 50% of projects comply with their time and budget objectives, while more than 35% of projects are deemed as failures according to the 2019 Project Management Institute research.

Your growth path

You’ll transform into a world-class trainer in Mind Mapping and its specializations and become accredited for training / advising other people and organizations in these fields. For example, you could reach a senior trainer status by taking an extra specialization, say in creativity and innovation. Armed with this degree, you’ll be licensed to train customers in implementing the creativity process and certify them as advanced practitioners.

TBLI in Mind Mapping

Our flagship program where you’ll become a world class trainer in Mind Mapping. This is the prerequisite program for advancing to further levels such as senior or master degrees.

Senior trainer

You’ll become a senior trainer by taking one additional specialization in the areas of creativity, project management, memory or intelligent reading. You’ll be able to certify practitioners at an advanced level.

Master trainer

You’ll reach the master trainer level by taking two additional specializations. Moreover, you’ll be eligible to become a trainer of trainers by designation through the global Buzan committee.

The certified instructor difference

Learn Mind Mapping at an advanced level

Learn, practice and integrate Mind Maps and other methodologies into your arsenal, including key Mind Mapping applications such as creativity and project management.

Add significant value to your customers

Help your customers—internal and external—acquire key skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and creativity, while impacting key performance indicators of organizations.

Participate in Tony Buzan Group projects

Participate in Buzan projects (subject to designation by TBG) as a trainer, consultant or tutor, for in-person or online programs that the Buzan Group implements throughout the year.

“Thanks for a fantastic class! Usually when I attend a seminar or a class, my expectation is to walk away with 3 key ‘take-aways’. Your TLI course provided me so much more – well worth the investment of both time and money.”
Debbie Long, President and CEO of Strategic Technology Communications
“I feel I can apply this immediately and it will have a meaningful impact.”
Robert Fischer, Director of Portfolio Management, Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley
“Very honestly: Loved every minute of this experience – feeling like I became a member of a family that I was looking for for ages!”
David Svoboda, GEO Business Manager at Intel

¿Who should participate?

Instructors, consultants and coaches who aim at delivering Mind Mapping courses and consulting services to customers and want to obtain significant revenues for their services.
In-company instructors, consultants and coaches who aim at delivering Mind Mapping courses and related applications inside their organization for generating significant gains in key performance indicators such as return on investment.
People—from senior executives to bachelor or graduate-level students—who are willing to learn Mind Mapping at an advanced level and develop world class skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and creativity.

Frequently asked questions

Where is this accreditation valid?
The Buzan licensed certification has global validity so you could offer Mind Mapping practitioner courses around the world. Your main territory will be the US and Canada.
Does the certification need to be renewed?
The certification ought to be renewed each 12 months to continue as part of the official list of worldwide instructors and be able to certify practitioners with accredited courses. The renewal, which accounts for $300 per year, also includes the updating of your software license (to the latest version), access to training and other exclusive content, and your participation in the monthly webinars and other events (such as the annual TBLI summit) at no further cost. The renewal fee could be exempted for a given year if you take a specialization course such as Mind Mapping for Innovation or Mind Mapping for project management during that year.
What do I need for certifying customers / users as accredited practitioners?
You’ll have access to the training content so you could deliver your courses using these PowerPoint presentations and related materials. Moreover, the package for certifying customers as accredited practitioners includes a personalized certificate signed by Tony Buzan and the iMindMap Ultimate software in the latest available version. Each package costs $100.00 and has to be purchased in bundles of 10 units. This is a very attractive package since the price of the software alone amounts to $230 dollars per license.
What could I do with my accreditation?
The instructor certification allows you to deliver the Mind Mapping base course to external or internal customers and accredit participants as certified practitioners. Additionally, you could also provide consulting services accredited by Buzan World and integrate Mind Mapping modules into your existing courses.
Will I be supported in lead generation?
For starters, you’ll be enrolled in the global instructors database so potential customers will be able to reach you, based on your profile, geographic region and specialization. You’ll also be able to publish your curriculum on a dedicated page within our website, so customers (even headhunters) could access your page within our official umbrella. Moreover, Buzan World and Buzan US will promote your TBLI services through webinars, social networks and its own websites. The more successful you are, the greater the probability of reaching our vision for creating a mentally literate world.
What is the internal rating system and how does it work?
Each accredited course given by you will provide an electronic feedback form (link) for customers to fill out at the end of the training. This system will not be published and / or shared with any other party aside from the instructor. The system will allow us to identify quality gaps and support instructors with lower ratings in improving their course delivery. Our objective is for you to become a world class instructor who enables our vision: Creating a Mentally Literate World.
How could I participate in Buzan World / Buzan US projects?
Buzan US and Buzan World need trainers, tutors and consultants for their projects—mainly tutoring for advanced courses (mostly online) and consulting services. Therefore, based on geography, specialization and the instructors internal rating system (based on customer feedback) we’ll assign projects to you and your peers.

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